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November 2000



Combines peasant studies and cultural history to revise the received wisdom on nineteenth-century Argentinian politics and aspects of the Argentinian state-formation process.


Introduction Caudillos, provincial elites and formation of the nation state Unitarians and federalists in Famatina: the agrarian component of political conflict in a valley of the Andean interior The society of the Llanos 'Gauchos', 'Montoneros' and 'Montoneras': Social profile and internal workings of the rebellions Caudillos and followers: The forms of a relationship Facundo and Chacho in songs and stories: Oral culture and the representation of leadership Whites and blacks, Masons and Christians: Ethnicity and religion in the political identity of the federalist rebels State-formation and party identity: The new meanings of federalism in 1860s Epilogue and conclusions


Ariel de la Fuente is Assistant Professor of History at Purdue University.


"De la Fuente has gone beyond integrating the subjects and issues of previous works on the subject in this methodologically sophisticated historiographic project: he has enriched them with important new insights. This contribution will be welcomed by specialists in the field." - Tulio Halperin Donghi, author of The Contemporary History of Latin America "What a splendid book! Children of Facundo is sure to become one of the touchstones in the study of politics and society in nineteenth-century Latin America." - Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University "Children of Facundo will stand at the forefront of works on what is arguably the single most important topic among contemporary Latin American historians: the lower classes and nation-state formation. This is history at its best." - Charles Walker, author of Smoldering Ashes: Cuzco and the Creation of Republican Peru, 1780 - 1840
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