The Loss of Innocents

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Despite the enormous literature on child abuse, there is little information on situations in which children are killed. Unlike other studies, which may be based on large statistical compilations but do not emphasize the murder of children, or detailed acc


Chapter 1 An Overview: Looking at the Numbers Chapter 2 Multiple Killers: Mass Murderers and Serial Killers Chapter 3 Juvenile Killers: Children Out of Control Chapter 4 "Crazy" Killers, Saving Children from Pain Chapter 5 Violent Abuse and Sudden Attacks: Outbursts of Rage Chapter 6 Death after Sustained Abuse: Killing without Remorse Chapter 7 Wrong Place/Wrong Time and Bad Decisions: Unintended Victims Chapter 8 Research Problems and Causal Explanations: A Discussion of Key Factors Chapter 9 Recommendations: Where Do We Go from Here?


Cara E. Richards is professor emerita of anthropology at Transylvania University.


The Loss of Innocents provides questions and answers for people concerned with all types of child victims and child killers. The material is of value to both citizen advocates and professionals. -- Michael Durfee, MD, Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect, National Center on Child Fatality Review Cross-culturally, the history of modern society has been dominated by widespread cruelty towards children, the most vulnerable of humankind. But never before has our civilization faced a more dreaded dimension of child victimization: people who kill children. This is the theme of Dr. Richard's book where she has driven the point home with telling effect and scholarly ingenuity. -- Dr. Bankole Thompson, Eastern Kentucky University
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