Food Shelf Life Stability

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September 2000



Physical Factors Water Activity and Plasticization, Dr. Yrjo H. Roos Mechanical and Temperature Effects, Dr. L. G. Tabil and
Dr. S. Sokhansanj
Irradiation, Dr. G. Blank and Dr. R. Cummings
Packaging, Dr. M. A. Tung, I.A. Briggs, and S. Yada
Chemical Factors Controlled and Modified Atmosphere, Dr. G. Mazza and Dr. D. S. Jayas Antioxidants, Dr. N.A.M. Eskin and Dr. R. Przybylski Emulsifiers and Stabilizers, Dr. N. Garti
Sulfer Dioxide, Dr. B. T. Wedzicha
Biochemical Factors Oxidoreductases, Dr. D.S. Robinson Biotechnology, Dr. A. G. Alpuche-Solis and Dr. O. Parades-Lopez


"well written and well documentedThis will be an excellent reference for scientists and technologists involved with various facets of food technology principles." - Vijai K. S. Shukla, Director, International Food Science Centre A/S, Denmark, inform, Vol. 12
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