Globalization, Social Movements and the New Internationalisms

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In a political climate where loose talk of a "third way" passes for political idealism, Waterman's passionate book examines the possibilities for a new style global solidarity suited to complex capitalist modernity. The author examines the past internationalism of Labour and socialists and the present one of radical-democratic social movements, discussing how the Left might build on this experience to recover a humanist and emancipatory tradition of internationalism, which would address our multiple global social problems.


Peter Waterman is a scholar-activist, formerly at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands.


"This is a rare book by a rare scholar. Peter Waterman has devoted the last thirty years of his life to studying the ways in which and the degree to which social movements have been truly international. He believes that most of the so called internationalism preached by the movements and analyzed 'by the scholars has really been simply the cumulative story of a series of national movements.' He wishes it were otherwise. . . . As I read the book, I could only cheer Peter Waterman on. He is right on the mark on issue after issue." Immanuel Wallerstein, Development and Change
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