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Juni 2001



Inaugurates a new southern studies with Black experience at the center, through a re-examination of the career of Booker T. Washington, showing incarceration to be the central characteristic of African-American life, even in the case of Tuskegee.


Houston A. Baker Jr. is the Susan Fox and George D. Beischer Arts and Sciences Professor of English and Professor of African and African American Studies at Duke University and editor of the journal "American Literature." In addition to being the author of numerous books of literary criticism--including "Black Studies, Rap, and the Academy" and "Modernism and Harlem Renaissance--"and collections of poetry, Baker is the recipient of many awards and distinctions, including eleven honorary doctorates.


"Baker offers an original blend of self-reflection, cultural inquiry, social critique, and close textual analysis of a classic book in African American history and literature. This is the most revealing study of Up From Slavery that I've ever seen and the most personal and self-revealing piece of writing that Baker has ever published."- William L. Andrews, author of To Tell a Free Story: The First Century of Afro-American Autobiography, 1760-1865. "A book by Baker tends to be something of an event in the field-the field being not only African American literature but also cultural studies impinging on Americana. His books have an impact, cause discussion, and provoke debates. This one, however, seems to me unusually well motivated. Personal matters have moved Baker to outdo himself in the sharpness of his observations, the power of his insights, and the vigor of his language."- Arnold Rampersad, Stanford University
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