Team Spirits: The Native American Mascots Controversy

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Februar 2001



A GROWING CONTROVERSY in recent years has arisen around the use and abuse of Native American team mascots. The Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs, Florida State Seminoles, and other images and names popularly associated with Native Americans are still used as mascots by professional sports teams, dozens of universities, and countless high schools. This practice, a troubling legacy of Native -- Euro-American relations in the United States, has sparked heated debates and intense protests that continue to escalate.Team Spirits is the first comprehensive look at the Native American mascots controversy. In this work activists and academics explore the origins of Native American mascots, the messages they convey, and the reasons for their persistence into the twenty-first century. The essays examine hotly contested uses of mascots, including the Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Indians, and the University of Illinois's Chief Illiniwek, as well as equally problematic but more complicated examples such as the Florida State Seminoles and the multitude of Native mascots at Marquette University. Also showcased are examples of successful opposition, including an end to Native American mascots at Springfield College and in Los Angeles public schools.


Contents: Acknowledgments Foreword - Vine Deloria Jr. Introduction: Imagined Indians, Social Identities, and Activism - C. Richard King and Charles Fruehling Springwood Part 1. Inventions 1. Chief Bill Orange and the Saltine Warrior: A Cultural History of Indian Symbols and Imagery at Syracuse University - Donald M. Fisher 2. Becoming the Indians: Fashioning Arkansas State University's Indians - Mary Landreth 3. Wennebojo Meets the Mascot: A Trickster's View of the Central Michigan University Mascot/Logo - Richard Clark Eckert 4. Sockalexis and the Making of the Myth at the Core of Cleveland's "Indian" Image - Ellen J. Staurowsky Part 2. Whiteness 5. The Fighting Braves of Michigamua: Adopting the Visage of American Indian Warriors in the Halls of Academia - Patrick Russell LeBeau 6. The Best Offense . . Dissociation, Desire, and the Defense of the Florida State University Seminoles - C. Richard King and Charles Fruehling Springwood 7. At Home in Illinois: Presence of Chief Illiniwek, Absence of Native Americans - David Prochaska Part 3. Activism 8. Fighting Name-Calling: Challenging "Redskins" in Court - Suzan Shown Harjo 9. Last of the Mohicans, Braves, and Warriors: The End of American Indian Mascots in Los Angeles Public Schools - Ann Marie (Amber) Machamer 10. Escaping the Tyranny of the Majority: A Case Study of Mascot Change - Laurel R. Davis and Malvina T. Rau Part 4. Interventions 11. In Whose Honor?, Mascots, and the Media - Jay Rosenstein 12. School Teachers and Mascots: Challenging Contradictions - Cornel D. Pewewardy Part 5. Complications 13. Uneasy Indians: Creating and Contesting Native American Mascots at Marquette University - C. Richard King 14. Playing Indian and Fighting (for) Mascots: Reading the Complications of Native American and Euro-American Alliances - Charles Fruehling Springwood Epilogue: Closing Arguments, Opening Dialogues - Charles Fruehling Springwood and C. Richard King Contributors; Index


C. Richard King is an assistant professor of anthropology at Drake University, and Charles Fruehling Springwood is an assistant professor of anthropology at Illinois Wesleyan University. King and Springwood are coauthors of "Beyond the Cheers: Race As Spectacle in College Sport."


"Every time I watch the Washington Redskins or the Cleveland Indians (with their grotesque Chief Wahoo) I wonder what it must feel like to be a Native American sports fan and see oneself depicted this way. It just plain gives me the willies. Team Spirits shows me why."--Rick Telander, sports columnist, Chicago Sun-Times.
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