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Examines the role of television in public space at different points in the history of the medium and how that differs from the normal assumptions of domestic viewing space.


Contents: Introduction PART I Histories and institutions: Rhetorics of TV spectatorship outside the home TV, class and social control in the 1940s tavern Gendered fantasies of TV shopping in the post-war department store Out-of-home networks in the 1990s PART II Places and practices: Reading TV installations in daily life Shaping public and private space with TV screens Television and consumption at the point of purchase Television while you wait Terminal thoughts on art, activism and video for public places


Anna McCarthy is Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.


"An entirely original book, Ambient Television is brilliantly conceived, researched, and argued. Scholars in material culture, media history, and television studies are likely to recognise this virtuoso treatment of TV outside the home as an instant classic."- Andrew Ross " Ambient Television offers a long overdue consideration of television spectatorship through a study of television's strategic positioning in a variety of public environments outside the home. Anna McCarthy's superb historical research has unearthed much fascinating material which will be of interest to artists and media critics. Anyone wishing to understand more fully our ever expanding media culture will benefit from McCarthy's astute analysis and historical insights into television's complex place in the public sphere."- John Hanhardt, Guggenheim Museum "An unusually rich, ambitious, and engaging work. McCarthy has produced a significant piece of scholarship that will have wide impact upon the way television is taken up in the academy and elsewhere."- William Boddy, Baruch College "This suberbly researched work will be an excellent addition to academic and media libraries and of enormous value for university communications curricula."--Library Journal
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