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November 2000



Beginning his 60-year film and photo career at the outbreak of World War II on the deck of the ill-fated aircraft carrier USS Hornet, Gibson lived through some of the most explosive events in US history. Step back into history and relive the scenes of war through is unique lens and experience those battles in the South Pacific, the Baker underwater atomic test, and much more. This is one whirlwind tour through history that you won't want to miss.


The late Bill Gibson spent more than fifty years working in the motion picture and television industries. His credits as Director and Producer have run the gamut of diversity-feature films, music videos, documentaries, scientific films, special effects, commercials, and infomercials.


...Gibson recounts some of his most exciting assignments of the past six decades...a rollicking ride through history as told through one man's camera...brings...scenes to life, not only with is photography, but also with detail and emotion. Amazon.Com
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