The Lawyer's Guide to Internet Research

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November 2000



The law library of the future is already here! This down-to-earth, practical guide (written from the perspective of a working attorney) takes the problem-solving steps that lawyers already use and shows how-and where-to do them on the Internet. It zeroes in on the best sites, sources, and techniques for finding cases, statutes, regulations, legislative history, government forms, public records, other attorneys, experts, and more.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 1. The Internet: The Law Library of the Future is Here Chapter 3 2. Introduction to the Basic Tools Chapter 4 3. Making the Most of Your Browser Chapter 5 4. Setting Up Your Online Library Chapter 6 5. Locating Caselaw Chapter 7 6. Locating Statutes & Regulations Chapter 8 7. Locating Court Information & Rules Chapter 9 8. Locating Government Forms Chapter 10 9. Locating Other Federal Resources Chapter 11 10. Locating Other State & Local Resources Chapter 12 11. Researching by Topic Chapter 13 12. International Law Resources Chapter 14 13. Law Libraries Online Chapter 15 14. Journals, Periodicals, & Legal News Chapter 16 15. Locating Lawyers & Other Helpful People Chapter 17 16. General Research Resources Chapter 18 17. Glossary Chapter 19 Appendix A-Where to Go When the Connection's Slow Chapter 20 Appendix B-Taking Care of Business Chapter 21 Index


Kathy Biehl maintained a solo law practice for 16 years before turning to full-time writing and research. A member of the State Bar of Texas, she has taught legal research and writing at the University of Houston Law Center and business law at Rice University.Tara Calishain is the owner of CopperSky Writing & Research and the editor of ResearchBuzz (http://www.researchbuzz.com). She is the author or co-author of several books.


...this book is highly recommended for attorneys who want to save time and money by learning how to point and click their way to effective legal research. Trial This is one of the best guides to Internet legal research available. The authors are both regular columnists for the respected LLRX.com web site, and their experience and good judgement shine through on every page. Highly recommended. -- Jerry A. Lawson, Author of The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers (ABA 1999) ...a useful map to a virtual library... Legal Information Alert In this eclectic climate of interdisciplinary research,The Lawyer's Guide to Internet Research is an immensely welcome reference tool for the librarian...a wonderfully entertaining and plain English road map through the complex major areas of legal research...comprehensive in scope covering all the major areas of law along with useful, easy-to-follow tips for strategizing research...The Lawyer's Guide to the Internet is one of the best of its kind, and for its reasonable price, should be a "must have" for any librarian's bookshelf. Medical Reference Services Quarterly This is a remarkably well-organized and thorough guide to the Internet for legal professionals. This is a valuable resource not only for lawyers but for any library where research in legal or government sources is of importance. American Reference Books Annual
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