Citizen Sarris, American Film Critic: Essays in Honor of Andrew Sarris

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This collection of essays pays tribute to film critic Andrew Sarris, the most influential film critic in American film history. The 38 essays assembled here and arranged according to major theme demonstrate the amazing impact Sarris has had on every aspect of the film world: fellow critics, filmmakers, readers, and American popular culture.


Emanuel Levy is a senior film critic for the internationally renowned magazine Variety and a two-time president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. A professor of film and sociology at Arizona State University, he is the recipient of its 2000 Faculty Achievement Award in Research, Scholarship and Creativity. He has written several books on theatre and film including Cinema of Outsiders: The Rise of American Independent Film and John Wayne: Prophet of the American Way of Life (Scarecrow, 1988, paperback 1999).


This is a rare and important book and a must read for anyone interested in the craft-the art-of serious film criticism. Rapport This well-organized Festschrift was edited by a well-connected scholar-journalist who persuaded 38 filmmakers (such as Martin Scorsese, Curtis Hanson, and Budd Boetticher, who called Sarris "the critic who reinvented my career"), journalists (including Sarris's wife Molly Haskell, Roger Ebert, Richard Schickel, Todd McCarthy, and others), and academics to contribute to this well-produced volume uttered by Scarecrow Press, which has long had a well-developed title-list in cinema studies. It certainly could be useful to anyone considering a course in film criticism and theory, but it will also appeal to the general reader who simply likes movies. Literature/ Film Quarterly Emmanuel Levy has done a good job assembling a diverse range of contributors...Even those unfamiliar with the vast majority of his writing can enter into the 'novelistic' spirit of this project... Cineaste The well-remembered excitement generated by Sarris' passioate polemics and fiercely debated categories...jumps off these pages to give the reader a welcome rush back to a time when movies mattered more. Sight and Sound ... Citizen Sarris is not only lightly likable but downright indispensable as a guidebook to American film criticism...commemorate(s) a man who made the auteur as powerful a motion-picture attraction as the star, and whose critical impact extends from the groves of academe to the pages of USA Today. Chronicle of Higher Education
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