Place Names: How They Define the World--And More: How They Define the World--And More

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This book provides a comprehensive review of the dynamic field of geographic naming through the eyes of an expert; it is a vital addition to any library's collection of up-to-date research materials. After showing the political importance of place names for military and diplomatic reasons, with special reference to U.S. experiences, Randall concludes with a survey of name disputes and examines an assortment of unusual and controversial location names.


Richard R. Randall retired from his position as Executive Secretary of the U.S. Board on Geographic Names in 1993, after holding the position for twenty years. His interest in geography and place names stems to a significant degree from his middle name, Rainier; he is related to Admiral Peter Rainier, for whom Mt. Rainier was named.


Written by a geographer who was executive secretary of the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN) for 20 years, this book serves as a useful introduction to naming conventions, sources, and disputes. College & Research Libraries News Richard Randall has written a very valuable and readable review about international toponymy...It is a worthy addition to both public libraries and personal book collections with an emphasis on place name study...Randall's Place Names deserves much praise, and the nation that "leads the world in names programs" has reason to be justly proud of his sterling efforts in producing it. Names: A Journal Of Onomastics Randall not only has impeccable credentials to address this subject but draws upon a wealth of experience...as a bonus, he concludes the volume with amusing chapters listing 'names in dispute' and 'unusual and unacceptable names'...Place Names is a useful and interesting book. Foreign Service Journal
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