Hospitalized Children and Books: A Guide for Librarians, Families, and Caregivers

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März 1992



Focuses on the goals and values of providing library services to hospitalized children, and shows how to go about doing it.


Marcella F. Anderson, Patient/Family Librarian at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, Cleveland, OH, was trained in Federal Program Title II. She has worked in library services to help children for twenty years, the last fourteen in a pediatric hospital setting, and has published frequently in magazines and journals.


...a comprehensive overview...Of particular interest are the valuable bibliographies, which reflect thought and perception and include materials that will meet the needs of a diverse hospital population...A hospitalized youth will find tremendous comfort in seeing and hearing a favorite story, and the illustration might evoke suppressed emotions. Highly recommended. Journal Of Youth Services In Libraries ...an excellent resource... Intervention In School and Clinic Anderson demonstrates effectively her ability to provide quite detailed suggestions about sharing literature with children with various special needs. Case studies of several children reinforce her thesis that children's needs will influence the librarian's approach in providing this service... Australian Library Journal ...knows her subject matter well... Ohioana Quarterly, Summer ...valuable not only to the librarian or volunteer providing a library service to children's wards in British hospitals, but also to the children's librarian in the public library. Library Association Record [Uk]
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