Music Manuscript Preparation: A Concise Guide

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Juli 1991



From this concise textbook, a student may learn, step by step, how to prepare any kind of music manuscript; composers and copyists can use it for reference.


Mona Mender (B.A., Mount Holyoke), a teacher of piano and music theory, studied piano and composition in New York City and continued her music studies at Montclair State College (music therapy) and the Juilliard School (preparation of music manuscripts). Formerly state chairman of education and of the docent program for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra League and past chairman of the Board of Regents of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and of the governing committees of the Young Artists Auditions and Education.


...I can recommend it without reservation. -- Robert Suderburg,, Chairman, Music Department, Williams College ...filled with a great deal of valuable information...should be in every serious music student's library. -- Allen Bonde, Professor of Music and composer, Mount Holyoke College ...both accessible and inviting because of its abundance of useful information and clear organization...a portable, user-friendly handbook for all musicians. -- Jody Nardone, William Paterson College Even experienced musicians will benefit from this new addition... -- Allen Brings, Copland School of Music, Queens College, CUNY ...a useful guide... British Journal Of Music Education ...an important tool for musical literacy, which usually is not addressed in basic texts. -- Lucy Greene, piano teacher ...most useful and valuable... -- John Howard, Kingston Polytechnic School of Music, Surrey, England
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