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November 2001



An innovative ethnography of the production, circulation, and consumption of tea, centered on the lives of the mostly women workers who produce it.


Contents: Alap Travels of tea, travels of empire Cultivating the garden The Raj baroque Estates of a new Raj Discipline and labor Village politics Protest


Piya Chatterjee is Associate Professor of Women's Studies at the University of California, Riverside.


"In this outstanding work Piya Chatterjee presents new material on the ethnography of tea plantation workers, and brings us to new understandings of familiar material on global flows, subaltern history, labour relations, and feminist ethnography. Anthropologists and South Asianists alike will enthusiastically welcome this memorable book." - Kirin Narayan, author of Storytellers, Saints, and Scoundrels: Folk Narrative in Hindu Religious Teaching "This is a finely layered, theoretically astute and informed cultural and historical account of a tea plantation in India. The ethnography is not content to address localised politics and culture; its importance lies in the way in which it reveals the global and political dimensions of local practices of gendered labour." - Inderpal Grewal, author of Home and Harem: Nation, Gender, Empire, and the Cultures of Travel
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