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September 2001



The history and culture of jazz in Japan.


Contents: Plenty plenty soul The Japanese jazz artist and the authenticity complex The soundtrack of modern life: Japan's jazz revolution Talkin' jazz: Music, modernism and inter-war Japan's culture wars Jazz for the country's sake: Toward a new cultural order in wartime Japan Bop, funk, junk and that old democracy boogie: The jazz tribes of post-war Japan Our thing: Defining "Japanese jazz" J-jazz and the fin de siecle blues


E. Taylor Atkins is Associate Professor of History at Northern Illinois University.


"Blue Nippon emerges from the author's mastery of jazz as a cultural medium, an in-depth knowledge of the scholarship on jazz as an intercultural and historical phenomenon, and from a concern to use cultural theory to come to terms with the specificity of the Japanese history of jazz."- Miriam Silverberg, author of Changing Song: The Marxist Manifestos of Nakano Shigeharu "This is a powerful gem of a book. Atkins's mixing of voices is wonderful and his scholarship impressive. Moreover, his complex argument is communicated in language that is straightforward, engaging, and compelling."- Christine Yano, University of Hawaii, Manoa
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