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September 2001



Argues that the category of death was a central part of the concept of citizenship in the nineteenth-century U.S., and that the particular form of that construction functioned to naturalize white males as ideal citizens.


Contents: The burial ground of democracy Political necrophilia: Freedom and the longing for dead citizenship "The slavery of man to himself": White male sexuality, self-reliance and bondage "That half-living corpse": Female mediums, seances and the occult public sphere The "black arts" of citizenship: Africanist origins of white interiority De-naturalizing citizenship


Russ Castronovo is Associate Professor of English and Director of the American Studies Program at the University of Miami. He is the author of "Fathering the Nation: American Genealogies of Slavery and Freedom."


"Liberty and death? Citizenship and necrophilia? The conjunction 'and' is shocking and is meant to shock. Russ Castronovo sees American political life as the burial ground of many corpses, literal as well as metaphoric. With ruthless determination he digs these up, examines their tell-tale remains, and, in the process, offers a trenchant critique of some lethal consequences of American democracy." - Wai-Chee Dimock, author of Residues of Justice: Literature, Law, Philosophy
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