Large Mammal Restoration: Ecological and Sociological Challenges in the 21st Century

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Oktober 2001



In recent decades, numerous efforts have been undertaken to return species to areas from which they had been previously extirpated on local or regional scales. Large Mammal Restoration brings together for the first time detailed case studies of those efforts, from restoring elk in Appalachia to returning bison herds to the Great Plains to the much-publicized effort to bring back the gray wolf to Yellowstone National Park.The book brings together in a single volume essential information on the lessons learned from previous restoration efforts, providing a much-needed overview for researchers and students of conservation biology and wildlife management as well as for policymakers, restoration advocates, and others involved with the planning or execution of a restoration program.


David S. Maehr is assistant professor of conservation biology in the Department of Forestry at the University of Kentucky and author of "The Florida Panther" (Island Press, 1997). Reed F. Noss is a consultant in conservation biology, past editor of the journal "Conservation Biology, " and president of the Society for Conservation Biology (1999 - 2001). He is the author of "The Redwood Forest" (Island Press, 2000), "The Science of Conservation Planning" (Island Press, 1997) and "Saving Nature's Legacy" (Island Press, 1994). He also wrote the foreword for "Restoring Diversity" (Island Press, 1996). Jeffery L. Larkin is a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Kentucky.
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