High Impact Teaching: Overcoming Student Apathy

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Watch many students in schools today and you see a range from total boredom to genuine fascination. Where does the apathy come from and could teachers make it disappear from their classrooms? Apathy and/or boredom should not come as a surprise when students are only given the responsibility to follow rules and complete assignments. This can all change in the blink of an eye if teachers exercise their rights and responsibilities to make the learning process fascinating and stimulating. This volume will help do just that, with real, practical examples and helpful hints for engaging your students and leaving a lasting impact on their lives.


Chapter 1 The Continuing Debate and Some Unexpected Common Ground Chapter 2 We Are in This Together Chapter 3 Interaction Between Students and Teachers Builds Fascinating Schools Chapter 4 Creating Fascinating Learning Experiences Chapter 5 Fascinating Lessons as a Way to Inspire Students Chapter 6 Implementation Via Professional Development Chapter 7 The Fascinating Adventure Chapter 8 Appendix Chapter 9 Index Chapter 10 Bibliography


Babbage's questions and his lesson plans, lists, rubrics, and guides make this volume useful to (mainly secondary) teachers. CHOICE
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