Factors Affecting Calf Crop

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November 2001



Over 25 leading animal scientists have combined their expertise to produce the first single source reference that covers successful reproductive techniques that will, most likely, be the wave of the future. Factors Affecting Calf Crop: Biotechnology of Reproduction provides a detailed compilation of technology for managing reproduction in cattle. Topics include an in-depth discussion on techniques currently approved for controlling the estrus cycle in cattle and new products under development and awaiting approval. It describes and discusses factors affecting bull fertility and information on embryo collection and utilization technology.


Developments in Reproductive Biotechnology that will Improve the Weaned Calf Crop, R. Collier Bovine Estrus: Tools for Detection and Understanding, D.O. Rae An Array of Approaches to Synchronize Estrus with Prostaglandins, J.W. Lauderdale Estrous Synchronization of Cyclic and Anestrous Cows with SYNCRO-MATE-B(R), W.E. Beal Use of GnRH to Synchronize Estrus and (or) Ovulation in Beef Cows with or without Timed Insemination, J.S. Stevenson Current and Emerging Methods to Synchronize Estrus with Melengestrol Acetate (MGA), D.J. Patterson, S.L. Wood, F.N. Kojima, M.F. Smith A Vaginal Insert (CIDR) to Synchronize Estrus and Timed AI, J.V. Yelich Management of Follicular Growth with Progesterone and Estradiol within Progestin-Based Estrous Synchrony Systems, M.L. Day and C.R. Burke The Freezing, Thawing, and Transfer of Cattle Embryos, J.F. Hasler Application of Embryo Transfer to the Beef Cattle Industry, W.E. Beal Embryo Transfer in Tropically Adapted Cattle in the Semitropics, C.C. Chase, Jr. In Vitro Fertilization to Improve Cattle Production, J.J. Rutledge National Bovine Genomics Projects: Present Status, Future Directions, and Why They are Important, R.M. Roberts Genetic Technologies in Cow-Calf Operations, S.K. De Nise and J.F. Medrano Somatic Cell Cloning in the Beef Industry, A. Spell and J.M. Robl Alternative Methods to Micromanipulation for Producing Transgenic Cattle, M. Shemesh, M. Gurevich, E. Harel-Markowitz, L, Benvenisti, L.S. Shore, Y. Stram Cloning and the Beef Cattle Industry, K. Moore Reproductive Real-Time Ultrasound Technology, G.C. Lamb Factors that Affect Embryonic Survival in the Cow: Application of Technology to Improve the Calf Crop, K. Inskeep Sexing Sperm for Beef and Dairy Cattle Breeding, G.E. Seidel, Jr. New Developments in Managing the Bull, R.L. Ax. H.E. Hawkins, S.K. DE Nise, T.R. Holm, H.M. Zhang, J.N. Oyarzo, and M.E. Bellin
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