Film Stories: Screenplays as Story

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From the critically-acclaimed independent filmmaker, Michael Roemer, comes Film Stories: Screenplays as Story, the highly-anticipated first collection of screenplays. Beyond film scripts, this volume (the first of two) is designed to help film students master concepts such three-act structure, conflict, surprise, rising action, and crisis, while crafting not just a story, but a narrative.


Michael Roemer is Professor of Film at Yale University, where he has taught courses in filmmaking and screenwriting for more than 30 years. He is also the independent filmmaker of such movies as The Plot Against Harry, Nothing But a Man, Pilgrim Farewell, and the widely-celebrated documentary, Dying.


This second volume in the series includes scripts for Michael Roemer's Famous long ago, Mortal longing, Act of God, and Sad but funny. Writer and director Roemer (Yale U.) provides a brief preface to each screenplay that describes his state of mid and intentions for each script as well as notes on structure. In a postscript, he reflects in the storytelling process. (The first volume in the series includes a comprehensive introduction detailing his own life story as well as the stories behind the nine collected screenplays.) Reference and Research Book News
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