Wireless Age: Its Meaning for Learning and Schools

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Whether you're an Internet guru, novice web-surfer, or lost in the digital world, The Wireless Age will give you insight into the gold mine of educational resources on the web. Cutting through the usual technical jargon, Breck demonstrates how anyone can utilize the Internet for education. At the same time a theoretical explanation of the growth of cyberspace and a practical exploration of the tools available there, this book is a must-read for every educator or school leader.


Part 1 Knowing Elegantly Chapter 2 A Good Idea Part 3 Clumsy Communication Chapter 4 Mirrors Chapter 5 Media Part 6 The Great Change Chapter 7 Digital Soup Chapter 8 Hyperwebs Chapter 9 Hypermirrors Chapter 10 Hyperwired Chapter 11 New Reflections Chapter 12 The Radiant Medium Part 13 The Golden Horizon Chapter 14 The Grand Idea


Judy Breck is the Director of Adademic Content for www.BigChalk.com. Since 1997, Breck has chosen and reviewd the weekly Top 8 knowledge websites posted on the site.


What is the real value of the World Wide Web? Judy Breck illuminates the Internet's lasting gift: that no more children need be born into a world where the full scope of human ideas is available only to the elite. The privilege of knowledge has ended. -- Lamar Alexander, former U.S. Secretary of Education and former Governor of Tennessee Judy Breck is a natural teacher and a mentor with unshakable conviction that every child will rise to the occasion when challenged by knowledge. Her insights will enable parents and teachers-many of them for the first time-to understand the grand idea that will emerge from the wireless age. -- Thomas W. Evans, former Chairman of Trustees and Adjunct Professor of Educational Administration, Teachers College, Columbia University The Wireless Age is an invaluable introduction for classroom teachers, school librarians, education policy makers, and the non-specialist general reader with an interest in improving and enhancing the quality of public, parochial, and private schools. Wisconsin Bookwatch Knowledge workers and Internet access are the keys to economic success for communities everywhere. Judy Breck draws a compelling picture of the Internet as a powerful personal education tool providing a unique opportunity for people everywhere to gain "knowledge." Knowledge acquisition on demand could help reconfigure not only education, business and government services but also economies around the world. -- Kathy Walsh, former education policy and strategy executive, IBM Institute for Electronic Government
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