Jerusalem: A City and Its Future

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Many of the perspectives in these essays are unique and have never been published for a wider audience. Contributors consider aspects of the "politics of religion" -- an issue rarely explored objectively in existing literature. Other articles propose ways of mediating the challenges of Jerusalem.In covering a range of crucial subjects, the book will appeal to Jewish and Christian audiences alike. Other primary readers include Middle East and law scholars.


Part One Issues of Law and Politics "Jerusalem in Our Time: Past, Present, and Future," Maya Choshen "Jerusalem and the U.S. Congress," Geoffrey Watson "The Role of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in a Future Permanent-Status Settlement in Jerusalem: Legal, Political, and Practical Aspects," Reuven Merhav and Rotem Giladi Part Two Issues of Law and Religion "The Religious Significance of Jerusalem in the Middle East Peace Process: Some Legal Implications," Silvio Ferrari "A New Status for Jerusalem? An Eastern Orthodox Viewpoint," Charalambos K. Papastathis Part Three The Temple Mount "Jewish-Muslim Modus Vivendi at the Temple Mount/al-Haram al-Sharif Since 1967," Yitzhak Reiter Part Four Issues of Governance "The Municipal Organization of the Jerusalem Metropolitan Area: Conceptual Alternatives," Shlomo Hasson "Environmental Issues in the Jerusalem Metropolitan Area," Qasem Abdul-Jaber and Deborah F. Mir "Living Together and Apart in Jerusalem: Lessons Learned," Bill Hutman and Amir Cheshin


MARSHALL J. BREGER is professor of law at the Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America. He is also an adjunct fellow for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a regular contributor to Moment magazine and coauthor of Jerusalem's Holy Places and the Peace Process. ORA AHIMEIR is director of the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies. Her most recent book is One Hundred Years of Cultural Creativity in Eretz Israel.
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