Cultural Identity and the Nation-State

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Juni 2001



In this collection, several distinguished political philosophers consider alternative models of the recognition of diverse cultures and the significance of cultural and national identity within democratic societies. The impact of this recognition for conceptions of citizenship and the supposed neutrality of the democratic state is examined, in the framework of economic and political globalization on the one hand, and the widespread assertion of cultural and ethnic differences on the other. The tension between the recognition of diverse cultures and universal frameworks of human rights is discussed, as are the idea of national self-determination and the new forms of democratic and civic institutions that may be required in order to deal with present political conflicts.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 The Ethics of Self-Determination: Democratic, National, Regional Chapter 3 Peoples, Nations, and the Unity of Societies Chapter 4 Could Canada Turn into Bosnia? Chapter 5 Blood Brothers, Consumers, or Citizens? Three Models of Identity - Ethnic, Commercial, and Civic Chapter 6 Two Concepts of Universality and the Problem of Cultural Relativism Chapter 7 The French Republic and the Claims of Diversity Chapter 8 Value Judgments and Political Assessments about National Models of Citizenship: The U.S. and French Cases Chapter 9 Constitutional Adjudication and Democracy: Comparative Perspectives-The United States, France, and Italy


Carol C. Gould is professor of philosophy at Stevens Institute of Technology and adjunct professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University. Pasquale Pasquino is Paris Research Associate at the CREA-Ecole Polytechnique.
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