Leonard and Reva Brooks: Artists in Exile in San Miguel de Allende

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Oktober 2001



In 1947 Leonard and Reva Brooks left for Mexico where Leonard planned to study painting for a year. In Mexico they discovered a vibrant, sometimes even dangerous, society and a dynamic artistic community, unlike the mundane world they had left behind in Canada with its stale and unwelcoming artistic scene. Invigorated by their new environment Leonard and Reva ended up staying for over half a century, playing a key role in establishing San Miguel de Allende as a world-famous art colony. In this new biography, John Virtue chronicles the lives of these two important artists and offers an intimate look at these complex and creative people.


"Virtue's extensive research into the lives of Leonard and Reva Brooks opens our eyes to the circle of Canadian artists who made their home in San Miguel, Mexico. The book is an excellent resource for students of Canadian art and culture and a timely record of a passing generation of artists." Anna Hudson, assistant curator, Canadian Art, Art Gallery of Ontario
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