The Library-Classroom Partnership: Teaching Library Media Skills in Middle and Junior High Schools

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Juni 1998



Assists library teachers and classroom teachers to effectively use the library and its resources as an extension of the classroom. Also deals with technology and the changing economic and social conditions affecting public schools.


Rosann Jweid is a retired school library media specialist. She is the Volunteer Consultant to the Northeast Parent and Child Society. Margaret Rizzo is a school library media specialist at O'Rourke Middle School and an adjunct instructor in English composition and literature at Schenectady County Community College.


...a timesaver for the busy library media specialist. Another positive quality of this book is its inclusion of Internet resources in each unit...an excellent tool for collection development. Book Report This new edition will be welcomed by teacher-librarians...it contains a wealth of practical support for program implementation...a valuable resource for those working at the upper elementary and senior high school levels. It is also recommended for district collections and for courses dealing with the development and implementation of resource-based learning. Teacher Librarian All lessons included in this book have been implemented successfully in a middle or junior high school. The lessons presented are very useful and a valuable teaching tool. Lisca Interesting and imaginative, there are some useful ideas...that library staff can use to link up with subject departments and give information skills teaching a practical curriculum base. The School Librarian One appreciates the lengthy process the authors went through in outlining the rationale, selecting resources, composing questions, and designing the worksheets and lessons in each one of the subject areas... Orana Explains how teachers and librarians can work together to expose students to the library skills they need for lifelong learning...The pages are meant to be copied and used in classrooms. Reference and Research Book News
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