Historical Dictionary of Azerbaijan

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Provides entries on persons, institutions and events, with some emphasis on recent periods, but with a view of the earliest history. There are other entries on the important aspects of the economy, society, religion and culture. Also useful are an introduction for context, and a helpful chronology. A select bibliography of works in English and other languages completes the volume.


Tadeusz Swietochowski is a noted scholar of Azerbaijan and a professor at Monmouth University. Brian C. Collins is a graduate of Monmouth University. He is currently the Executive Director of the Cedar Falls Historical Society. Arcadia Press is publishing his book Cedar Falls in its Images of America Series.


The Historical Dictionary of Azerbaijan offers compact but thorough coverage of historical periods, events, and significant personalities. In light of the important position Azerbaijan has assumed internationally, this book is a much-needed reference for those interested in this area...The entries are concise and well written and do justice to all aspects of the political and socio-economic history of this area...The Historical Dictionary of Azerbaijan is highly recommended for every public and academic library, as well as interested individuals. MESA Bulletin
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