The Human Tradition in America from the Colonial Era Through Reconstruction

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The Human Tradition in America from the Colonial Era through Reconstruction is a collection of the best biographical sketches from several volumes in SR Books' popular Human Tradition in America Series. Compiled by Series Editor Charles W. Calhoun, this book brings American history to life by illuminating the lives of ordinary Americans. This examination of common individuals helps personalize the nation's past in a way that examining only broad concepts and forces cannot. By including a wide range of people with respect to ethnicity, race, gender and geographic region, Prof. Calhoun has developed a text that highlights the diversity of the American experience.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Squanto: Last of the Patuxet Chapter 3 Anne Hutchinson, the Puritan Patriarchs, and the Power of the Spirit Chapter 4 Caspar Wistar: German-American Entrepreneur and Cultural Broker Chapter 5 Olaudah Equiano: An African in Slavery and Freedom Chapter 6 Eliza Lucas Pinckney: Vegetables and Virtue Chapter 7 Benjamin Gilbert and Jacob Nagle: Soldiers of the American Revolution Chapter 8 Absalom Jones and the African Church of Philadelphia: "To Arise out of the Dust" Chapter 9 Rebecca Dickinson: A Life Alone in the Early Republic Chapter 10 Sacagawea: A Historical Enigma Chapter 11 Peter P. Pitchlynn: Race and Identity in Nineteenth-Century America Chapter 12 Hosea Easton: Forgotten Abolitionist "Giant" Chapter 13 Laura Wirt Randall: A Woman's Life, 1803-1833 Chapter 14 Caroline Healey Dall: Transcendentalist Activist Chapter 15 George Washington Harris: The Fool from the Hills Chapter 16 Sgt. Peter Welsh: "Is That Not Worth Fighting For?" Chapter 17 Winfield Scott Hancock: "The Knightly Corps Commander" Chapter 18 LaSalle Corbell Pickett: "What Happened to Me" Chapter 19 Willis Augustus Hodges: "We Are Now Coming to New Things"


Charles W. Calhoun is professor of history at East Carolina University and former president of the Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.
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