Climbing Up to Glory: A Short History of African Americans During the Civil War and Reconstruction

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The Civil War was undeniably an integral event in American history, but for African Americans, whose personal liberties were dependent upon its outcome, it was an especially critical juncture. In Climbing Up to Glory, Wilbert L. Jenkins explores thi


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Abraham Lincoln: A Reluctant Friend Chapter 4 Unwanted Participants: Service in the War Chapter 5 "Free at Last": The Shackles Are Broken Chapter 6 A "Working Class of People": The Struggle to Gain Economic Independence Chapter 7 "We Can Now Live as One": The Reunification of the Family Chapter 8 "Get Us Some Education": The Efforts of Black to Educate Themselves Chapter 9 "Our Own Houses of Worship": Black Churches during Reconstruction Chapter 10 "We Intend to Have Our Rights": Political and Social Activists in Post-Civil War America Chapter 11 Notes Chapter 12 Bibliographical Essay Chapter 13 Index


Wilbert L. Jenkins is associate professor of history at Temple University.


Blending primary and secondary sources, Professor Jenkins's brief history of blacks during the Civil War and Reconstruction is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in the subject. -- Loren Schweninger, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Engaging and occasionally provocative, Climbing Up to Glory is a compelling survey of the history of black people during incredibly tumultuous times. Jenkins covers a very wide range of themes and issues, paying special attention to gender and to relations between blacks and Native Americans. Thematically expansive while concise in length, this text will be of great interest and usefulness to general readers and to scholars as well. -- Reginald F. Hildebrand, author of The Times Were Strange and Stirring: Methodist Preachers and the Crisis of Emancipation Climbing Up to Glory is a moving historical account of African-American life and social struggles during the difficult transition from enslavement to freedom. Building upon the keen insights of his first book on African Americans in postbellum Charleston, South Carolina, Wilbert Jenkins deepens our understanding of emancipation as a grassroots social movement. Professional and lay readers alike will find this book extraordinarily instructive. -- Joe William Trotter, Carnegie Mellon, author of The African American Experience
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