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The anti Vietnam War movement marked the first time in American history that record numbers marched and protested to an antiwar tune on college campuses, in neighborhoods, and in Washington. Although it did not create enough pressure on decision-makers to end U.S. involvement in the war, the movement's impact was monumental. In Antiwarriors, author Melvin Small describes not only the origins and trajectory of the anti Vietnam War movement in America, but also focuses on the way it affected policy and public opinion and the way it in turn was affected by the government and the media, and, consequently, events in Southeast Asia. The antiwar movement comes to life in this compelling new book that is sure to fascinate all those interested in the Vietnam War and the turbulent, tumultuous 1960s.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 List of Abbreviations Chapter 3 The Origins of the Movement Chapter 4 The Americanization of the War Chapter 5 Building a Base Chapter 6 Becoming a Mass Movement Chapter 7 Hey, Hey, LBJ Chapter 8 Confronting Nixon Chapter 9 Halting Escalation Chapter 10 The War and the Movement Wind Down Chapter 11 Conclusion Chapter 12 Bibliographical Essay Chapter 13 Index


Melvin Small has taught and lectured about the peace movement for three decades. Past president of the Council on Peace Research in History, he teaches at Wayne State University and is the author of several books on the Vietnam War including Johnson, Nixon, and the Doves and Covering Dissent.


In this superb overview of the antiwar movement during the 1960s-1970s, Small again demonstrates his mastery of the literature and his skill in using memorable quotes from both sides to highlight the individuals who changed America and the events that marked that transformation. -- Walter LaFeber, Cornell University, author of America, Russia, & the Cold War, 1945?2001 Antiwarriors is a finely balanced history of the antiwar movement that is mature in its judgments, persuasively argued, and a crisply written account of a passionate period. -- Marilyn B. Young, author of The Vietnam Wars, 1945-1990 A stimulating and balanced exploration of the controversial antiwar movement. Lucid, cogent, and insightful, Antiwarriors is ideal for anyone who wants to know how and why Americans opposed their own government over the long and tragic war in Vietnam. -- Terry Anderson, Texas A&M University, author of The Movement and The Sixties At last, here is a much-needed, long-awaited, and readable survey of manageable, modest length about the history and impact of the anti-Vietnam War movement by a leading historian of the topic and the period. -- Jeffrey Kimball, Miami University, author of Nixon's Vietnam War Antiwarriors would serve as an extremely useful supplement to U.S. survey courses as well as courses on the Vietnam War. Sociologists who study the structure of mass movements, should find the work of interest as well. -- William F. Mugleston, Floyd College Teaching History, Vol. 30, No. 1, Spring 2005
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