Ma-Ana Es San Per-N: A Cultural History of Per-N's Argentina

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Oktober 2002



The regime of Juan Per n is one of the most studied topics of Argentina's contemporary history. This book an English translation of a highly popular, critically acclaimed Spanish language edition provides a new perspective on the intriguing Argentinian leader. Mariano Plotkin's cultural approach makes Per n's popularity understandable because it goes beyond Per n's charismatic appeal and analyzes the Peronist mechanisms used to generate political consent and mass mobilization. Ma ana es San Per n is the first book to focus on the cultural and symbolic dimensions of Per nism and populism, this book explores the creation of myths, symbols, and rituals that constituted the Per nist political imagery. This well-written and engaging account of one of Latin America's most colorful and appealing leaders is an excellent resource on Argentina and Latin American history and politics.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 I: The Crisis and Consensus in Argentine Society and the Rise of Peron Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 The Crisis of the Liberal Consensus in Argentine Society Chapter 5 Peron and the Problem of Consensus Part 6 II: The Appropriation of Symbolic Space: Political Ritual and the Charisma of Peron Chapter 7 Introduction Chapter 8 The First of May and the Seventeenth of October: The Origin of Two Rituals Chapter 9 May Day, the Seventeenth of October, and the Struggle of Symbolic Space Part 10 III: Education and Politics: The Political Socialization of Youth Chapter 11 Introduction Chapter 12 The Reorganization of the Educational System during the Peronist Regime (1943-1955) Chapter 13 The Politicization of Education: "Peronist" Textbooks for Primary Schools Part 14 IV: The Generation of Passive Consensus Chapter 15 Introduction Chapter 16 The Fundacion Eva Peron; or, the Regime's Long Arm Chapter 17 The "Peronization of Women and the Youth" Chapter 18 Conclusions Chapter 19 Bibliography Chapter 20 Index


Mariano Plotkin is a researcher at the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas based at the Instituto de Desarrollo Economico y Social in Buenos Aires, and professor at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.


No theme in Argentin history has attracted greater scholarly scrutiny than Peronsim. Professor Plotkin's addition to this massive corpus focuses on a topic that, if not exactly understudied, seems less saturated than others: the nature and function of Peronist propaganda in political festivals, primary education, and semiofficial institutions. Plotkin's approach is consistently and scrupulously fair. Manana es San Peron provides an original perspective. Hispanic American Historical Review Well-written and well-researched. American Historical Review
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