How We Will Learn in the 21st Century

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August 2002



How We Will Learn in the 21st Century is a book about change and technology. Judy Breck, author of The Wireless Age, spent some four years finding and organizing web pages spanning all disciplines. Dubbing the Internet a 'golden swamp, ' she describes how the Internet has unified so many previous disparate threads of knowledge, including libraries, museums, laboratories, archives, and collections both academic and private. Breck sees the power that so much combined knowledge represents as coming with enormous responsibility. Only by accomplishing these things can teachers and students fully realize the wealth of knowledge of the Internet


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Acknowledgements Chapter 3 The Incredible Economy of Digital Knowledge Chapter 4 The Great Release of What is Known Chapter 5 Adjusting to the Machines Chapter 6 The Primordial Intellectual Internet Chapter 7 How the Artists Will Contribute Chapter 8 The New World's Fair of Useful Knowledge Chapter 9 How We Really Learn Part 10 Index Part 11 About the Author


Judy Breck is the creator of edclicks.com, showcasing knowledge readily available within the Internet and increasingly serving as the common learning resource around the globe and is an advisor and contributor to the World Bank Development Gateway. In addition to her writing she is a Web site developer and designer.


Judy Breck presents far-seeing and workable ideas for using the Internet in the real world of today's changing schools. She explains how computers and Web sites are empowering teachers in their basic role of leading students to knowledge. This book will be helpful to teachers and administrators who seek to understand the flow of that knowledge into the new Internet medium and how it is there taking interesting new forms and linking into context that stimulates discovery learning. -- Nanette Creamer, veteran classroom teacher, El Paso (Texas) Independent School District The Internet was largely wasted as an educational tool until Judy Breck created a free resource that is deep, intelligently executed, and tuned to be intensely useful to all ages. She is a true online pioneer who saw the opportunity for the glowing box on students' desks to be 'the great equalizer' that has not been available in any prior education system. -- Preston Bealle, CEO, Gorp.com and former CEO of Homework Central.com Wireless technology and the Internet are breaking down the barriers surrounding the education of our children. The cost and limitations of conventional educational methods, materials and facilities make the Internet and mobile wireless devices the obvious solution. Judy Breck elegantly leaps these barriers in describing a 'how to' to enable a global educational network. -- Gregory Chotkowski, CEO, TelMeMor-E, Inc. mobile interactive marketing systems. Judy Breck takes educators through an Internet journey, inspiring the new generation of teachers tapping into online resources. Serving as a mentor, Judy has seen first hand how inner city students can utilize the Internet to achieve higher academic standards. Judy knows our New York City students, who say about her, 'Finally someone has taken the guesswork out of how to appropriately use the Internet in our schools.' -- Debra Lesser, director of civic education, New York City Public Schools
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