The User's View of the Internet

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Juli 2002



The User's View of the Internet provides the first comprehensive analysis of public access to the Internet. It considers the evolution of the Internet through the lens of use and using. It will appeal to Internet stakeholders who need to know more about the impact of the network on their audience, market, clients, users, or constituencies. These stakeholders include business, government, Internet service providers, digital service/product developers, librarians, media and publishing professionals, educators, academics, and students.


Harry Bruce is Associate Dean for Research at the Information School of the University of Washington. He has been actively involved in researching information behavior and uses of the Internet for the past ten years. He received the UMI Doctoral Dissertation Award by the American Society for Information Science and Technology.


A highly competent synthesis of research into the use of the Internet by specific groups...an impressive attempt to analyse the anarchic. Library Review ...provides rich information on the users of the internet and the services they are using. Bruce's prose has an academic pitch and would be well understood and regarded by readers in the social science, psychology and human factors fields. There is little or no other published work covering similar ground... Australian Academic & Research Libraries A cohesive, well-researched collection of thoughts about the internet. Document Delivery and Information Supply ...could be called a series of thoughtful observations about people and their relationships to the Internet...This book is not about technology or a glimpse into the future, but a (light) scholarly reflection on how various groups of people actually use the Internet. Detailed reference lists accompany each chapter. Easily readable for non-specialists. CHOICE
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