Modernist and Fundamentalist Debates in Islam: A Reader

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Februar 2003



With resurgent interest in the Muslim world and in particular political Islam, this collection of translated essays by major Muslim thinkers from the Middle East and South Asia demonstrates the ongoing and contentious debate between modernizers seeking to adapt Western ways and fundamentalists who rejected them. From Jamal al-Din al-Afghani in the nineteenth-century to Ayatollah Khomeini in the twentieth, the selections provide an opportunity to examine a diversity of Muslim thinkers thoughts on important topics like jurisprudence, politics, relations with the west, and women in their own words.


Introduction PART ONE: ISLAMIC MODERNISMS Jurisprudence, Rational Sciences, and Differentiation of Knowledge Religion Versus Science;
S.Jamal al-Din Al-Afghani Islamic Revealed Law Versus Islamic Common Law;
C.Ali The Rationalistic and Philosophical Spirit of Islam;
A.Ali The Sociological Laws of the Quran;
M.Abduh Scientific Reform of Religious Studies;
M.Abduh Methodology of Historical Writing;
S.Nu'mani Islam and Politics War and Peace: Popular Jihad;
C.Ali The Problem of Caliphate;
A.Abd al-Raziq Authority of the Problem of Succession;
A.Ali Intellectual Pluralism and Freedom of Opinion;
S.A.Khan Islam and Western Civilization Modernist Economic and Social Project;
Aligarh Institute Gazette Islam and Civilization;
M.F.Wajdi Islamic Modernism and the Women's Question Polygamy;
C.Ali The Rights of Women, S.A.Khan The Liberation of Women;
Q.Amin Style of Living The Way of Life;
S.A.Khan The Way to Eat a Meal;
S.A.Khan Civil Rights;
R.al-Tahtawi PART TWO: ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM Jurisprudence, Bases of Law, and Rational Sciences Islam as the Basis for Knowledge;
S.Qutb Fallacy of Rationalism, S.Abul A'la Maududi Islam and Politics War and Peace: Jihad;
S.Qutb The Nature of an Islamic State;
A.Khomeini The Necessity of Islamic Government;
A.Khomeini The Political Theory of Islam;
S.Abul A'la Maududi The Program of FIS;
Islamic Salvation Front of Algeria Boycotting the 1997 Election in Jordan;
Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Action Front Party: Interview With Dr. Ishaq A.Farhan Islam and Western Civilization Critical Attitudes about the West and the Idea of Western Decadence;
A.Shari'ati Suicide of Western Civilization;
S.Abul A'la Maududi Granting Capitulatory Rights to the U.S;
A.Khomeini Islam and It's Adversaries;
A.al-Latif Sultani Plagued by the West;
J.Al-I Ahmad Women and the Hijab A Moralizing Fundamentalism;
A.al-Latif Sultani On the Islamic Hijab;
M.Motahhari Bibliography Index of the Articles


MANSOOR MOADDEL is a professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology at Eastern Michigan University KAMRAN TALATTOF teaches Persian Language and Literature and Iranian Culture in the Near Eastern Studies Department at the University of Arizona


'Provides an excellent source of the major issues that have engaged Muslim intellectuals for over a century as they attempted to grapple with the challenges of Western hegemony and modernity.' - Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad, Georgetown University 'This superbly chosen volume provides the best possible way for outsiders to gain authentic insights into modern Islam - to listen as leading Muslim scholars debate the serious issues facing their faith.' - Rodney Stark, Professor of Sociology and Comparative Religion, University of Washington
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