Between the Bullets: The Spiritual Cinema of John Woo

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Juli 2002



Through an examination of representative films from the director's Hong Kong and American periods, Michael Bliss demonstrates that Woo should be regarded as a predominantly religious director, in whose films action is the vehicle by virtue of which a concern with spirituality is dramatized. Contains a chapter on Chinese opera tradition as relates to Woo's films, an exclusive interview with John Woo, and a complete filmography.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 1 The Grand Nature of Chinese Opera Chapter 4 2 Bearing with Violence Chapter 5 3 Kept Promises Chapter 6 4 A Study in Vision Chapter 7 5 Growing Up Criminal Chapter 8 6 Shaken and Stirred Chapter 9 7 An American Trio Chapter 10 8 Simply Impossible Chapter 11 Appendix Chapter 12 Filmography Chapter 13 Index Chapter 14 About the Author


Michael Bliss teaches English and Film at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. His previous books include Dreams Within a Dream: The Films of Peter Weir; What Goes Around Comes Around: The Films of Jonathan Demme (co-authored with Christina Banks); The Word Made Flesh: Catholicism and Conflict in the Films of Martin Scorsese (Scarecrow Press, 1995); and Justified Lives: Morality and Narrative in the Films of Sam Peckinpah.
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