Perspectives on the Mistreatment of American Educators: Throwing Water on a Drowning Man

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Pressured by a society searching for a simple solution to a complex problem, educators are constantly subjected to a double standard and their work and role marginalized as insignificant despite compelling evidence to the contrary. This enlightening discussion of the misperceptions about the profession offers a thoughtful perspective on the real work done by educators and examines some of the harm done by efforts to 'fix' what is wrong.


1 Perceptions of Teaching 2 Professional Double Standards 3 Doing What We're Told To Do 4 Driven by Research 5 Quick Fixes 6 Tested Beyond Reason 7 School's, Realities, and Teachers' Work


Norman Dale Norris, a 23-year veteran of the classroom, began his career as a music instructor before moving into school management and instructional leadership. He still continues to instruct in music in the Orleans Parish Public School system, as well as serving as an instructor in education at both Nicholls State University and the University of Phoenix. He counts quantitative and qualitative methods, research design, curriculum reform, and policy analysis among his professional interests. He has also presented widely on HIV and AIDS awareness.


Norris (education, Nicholls State U.) argues that teachers and educators at all levels are the most mistreated professionals in American society. From the public perceptions of the work they do, the societal role they serve, what is expected of them professionally, how they are compensated, and the fact that expectations are imposed on them that would never be tolerated by comparably educated professionals in the private sector, teachers have gotten the shaft on just about everything. He argues that the vague standards imposed on teachers come from poor planning and bad research and criticizes the efforts of the past 30 years to push state- and nationwide "standards and accountability." Similar criticism is voiced about the movement for standardized tests. Reference and Research Book News [Norman Dale Norris]'s insightful book has much to admire. [He] is an eclectic, learned, passionate educator who cares about teachers...Perspectives on the Mistreatment of American Educators is one of the best books about some of the worst practices of traditional public schools. -- Robert Maranto Ncsc Review
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