Developing Arts-Loving Readers: Top 10 Questions Teachers Are Asking about Integrated Arts Education

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Developing Arts Loving Readers is based on the premise that children can and do learn a great deal about the arts and their own abilities innately. Involvement and immersion, author Nan L. McDonald argues, are the ways in which children may feel welcome to write, move, create, draw, and otherwise express ideas about art and music directly. Teaching suggestions are offered to classroom teachers and other non-specialists, so that classroom-reading activities may be extended into group discussions, co-operative learning-arts projects, and creative performances. Appended are extensive resource lists for further integrated arts teaching in the classroom.


Part 1 Acknowledgements Chapter 2 Why Should I Have Arts in My Classroom? Chapter 3 What Is Arts Integration? Chapter 4 How Can the Arts Be Infused into Reading and Language Arts Instruction in My Classroom? Chapter 5 How Can Poetry Be Made Exciting for My Students? Chapter 6 But What about the Other Subjects (Math, Science, and Social Studies)? Chapter 7 How Do We Teach about Artists and Their Craft? Chapter 8 But, I Really Don't Sing, Draw, Paint, Act, or Dance and There's Just No Time, Space, Supplies, Budget, Support, Interest... Chapter 9 This Won't Work with My Class... Chapter 10 How Can I Assess Student Learning within Integrated Arts Lessons? Chapter 11 What Happens When They Go Home? Part 12 Bibliography Part 13 About the Authors


Nan McDonald is an associate professor and coordinator of Music Education at San Diego State University's School of Music and Dance. She has over 25 years of experience, has authored numerous articles for educational publications, and is a regular columnist for Music Express. Douglas Fisher is an associate professor in the College of Education at San Diego State University. He is also the co-author, with Nancy Frey, of Responsive Curriculum Design in Secondary Schools, also published by ScarecrowEducation.


A useful book with excellent ideas and resources for elementary and middle school classroom teachers...Highly recommended. CHOICE
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