How Minority Students Experience College: Implications for Planning and Policy

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Januar 2002



"I feel like they act like they're so diverse and multicultural.This is not a representation of how it is for people who go here."


Lemuel Watson is Associate Professor of Higher Education, Clemson University. Melvin Cleveland Terrell is Vice President for Student Affairs, Northeastern Illinois University. Doris J. Wright is Associate Professor of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Kansas State University at Manhattan. Fred Bonner II is Assistant Professor in Adult and Higher Education, University of Texas at San Antonio. Michael Cuyjet is Associate Dean of the Graduate School, University of Louisville. James Gold is Professor Emeritus, College Student Personnel Administration Program, SUNY Buffalo. Donna Rudy is Vice President for Student Services, Kellogg Community College. Dawn R. Person is Professor of Counseling and Student Development in Higher Education, California State University at Long Beach.


"'The distinctive appeal of this volume is the clarity and conviction of the students of color who share some of the highs and lows of their college experience. Their voices are compelling and often sharp reminders of how much further many predominantly White campuses must go to become affirming learning environments for all students.' -- George D. Kuh, Indiana University 'We recommend he book to student affairs practioners, graduate students, and policymakers interested in transforming their traditional college environments into multicultural institutions that serve a growing minority population' -- Journal of College Student Development"
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