Semiotics of Peasants-CL

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Juli 2002



Offers a new way of doing ethnography, based on an analysis of interaction between immigrants from a small village in Slovenia to the U.S. and the culture they left.


Preface; AcknowledgmentsPart One--The Dynamics of a Dialogue Between a Peasant Village and its Ethnic CounterpartPrologue: "The Strange Intruder" (from Pierce) and Its Many "Others"Chapter One: A Glance At the Village and Its Sister Ethnic Counterpart in ClevelandPart Two--Theoretical Issues and Terminology: From the Outer to the Inner Point of ViewChapter Two: The Problem of Terminology in the Contemporary WorldChapter Three: Can We Find the Inner Point of View?Chapter Four: Semiotics of CulturePart Three--The Village and the Slovene Community in Cleveland in HistoryChapter Five: Zerovnica Past and Present: The Historical and Ecological Setting Myth and LegendsChapter Six: The Story of the Ethnic Community in ClevelandPart Four--Semiotic PortraitsChapter Seven: Semiotic Portraits: in Cultural ContextChapter Eight: Concluding RemarksNotes


Irene Portis-Winner is a Visiting Scholar (2002-2003) at the Philosophy of Education Research Center, Harvard University.


"This is an important ethnography, very different from the usual run-of-the-mill village ethnographies of ex-Yugoslavia, and the methodology followed is a useful and potentially important addition to the literature on transnationalism." - Michael Herzfeld, author of Cultural Intimacy: Social Poetics in the Nation-State
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