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November 2002



An examination of the increased presence of Japanese media and popluar culture in the rest of Asia and the way it has transformed Japanese self-understanding.


Acknowledgement; Note on Japanese names 1990s - Japan's returning to Asia in the age of globalization Taking "Japanization" seriously: cultural globalization reconsidered Trans/Nationalism: The discourse on Japan in the global cultural flow Localising "Japan" in the booming Asian markets Becoming culturally proximity: Japanese TV dramas in Taiwan Popular Asianism in Japan: Nostalgia for (different) Asian modernity Japan's Asian dreamworld Notes; References


Koichi Iwabuchi is Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at Waseda University in Tokyo. For many years he was a reporter and producer for Nippon Television Network Corporation (ntv).


"[Iwabuchi's] detailed discussion, articulated in terms of the latest cultural and globalization theories, is very illuminating. Offering, as it does, a challenge to the notion that 'global' really means 'the West', this book is highly recommended as course reading for both Japanese and Media Studies."--Mark McLelland , M/C Reviews "[A]n engaging and timely book. Its focus on Japan and Asia in the context of debates about Western-centric globalization processes is fresh and welcome... [Iwabuchi] has written a fascinating, well-researched, and original book."--Matthew Allen, Journal of Asian Studies "Recentering Globalization offers a rich and complex understanding of cultural flows between Japan and other parts of Asia-primarily Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore-and provides a valuable perspective on studies of globalization that have been centered around Europe and the U.S... It ... will appeal to a broad range of readers in business administration and cultural studies."--Joshua Hotaka Roth, Journal of Asian Business "Iwabuchi offers a powerful critique to the 'cultural imperialism' thesis by allowing for the importance of audience reception... [T]his is a refreshing and original book by a Japanese intellectual. More the hope that it will speedily enter into a popular press Japanese translation."--Geoffrey C. Gunn, Journal of Contemporary Asia F[F]ascinating... [T]he book is well worth a read."--Brian Moeran, Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies Abstract in Business Horizons. Also reviewed in Asahi Shimbun/International Herald Tribune, CHE and boundary 2. Featured in Asia-Pacific Perspectives
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