Flow Cytometry Applications in Cell Culture

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Januar 1996



This work present practical, biotechnological applications of flow cytometry techniques for the study of animal, plant and microbial cells, explaining methodologies for sample preparation, staining and analysis. It discusses cell variability in cell culture processes and shows how the quantitative analysis of heterogeneous populations aids in the biotechnological exploitation of cells.


Monitoring the proliferative capacity of cultured animal cells by cell cycle analysis; use of flow cytometry for monitoring antibody productivity and isolating high-secreting hybridoma cells; antibody secretion assays using gel microdrops and flow cytometry; high resolution cell cycle analysis of cell cycle-regulated gene expression; stability of monoclonal antibody production in hybridoma cell culture; flow cytometric studies of osmotically stressed and sodium butyrate-treated hybridoma cells; flow cytometric analysis of cells obtained from human bone marrow cultures; measurement of intracellular pH during the cultivation of hybridoma cells in batch and continuous cultures; the relationship between intracellular pH and cell cycle in cultured animal cells using SNARF-1 indicator; assessment of cell viability in mammalian cell lines; analysis of apoptosis by flow cytometry; monitoring baculovirus infection and protein expression in insect cells; use of protein distribution to analyze budding yeast population structure and cell cycle progression; cell cycle analysis of microorganisms; bacterial characterization by flow cytometry; assessment of viability of bacteria by flow cytometry; advances in the flow cytometric characterization of plant cells and tissues.
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