The Subject of Violence: Arendtean Exercises in Understanding

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Mai 2002



The Subject of Violence is a critical investigation of violence and its subjectifying capacities. It both relies on and explores the work of Hannah Arendt. At its background are feminist concerns, but also concerns with violence that press against the feminist problematic and push its boundaries. The book's main project is ethico-political 'understanding' and, therefore, it is also about finding an ethico-political language for violence that escapes the standard idioms in which violence is spoken.


Part 1 Sign of Trauma Chapter 2 Thinking About Violence Between Theory and (Auto)Biography Chapter 3 Shattered Worlds and Shocked Understandings Chapter 4 A Legacy of Women in Dark Times Part 5 Shapes of Violence Chapter 6 Thoughtless Action Into Nature and The Violence of Genocide Chapter 7 An Excursus (Perhaps): Eichmann in Jerusalem and Post-Zionism Chapter 8 Violence in the Intersection of Nationalism and the State Form Part 9 Ambiguous Alternatives Chapter 10 Violent Bodies


Bat-Ami Bar On is associate professor of philosophy and women's studies at Binghamton University in New York and author of Jewish Locations (Rowman & Littlefield, 2001).


An honest and uncompromising look at violence in a myriad of forms, and the ways that it shapes individuals, nation-states, and cultures. It explores significant issues for feminists, and is well worth reading. Hypatia Recommended. CHOICE Bat-Ami Bar On's stunning achievement in The Subject of Violence is to think, as Hannah Arendt did, 'without bannisters' about issues before which all too many minds stop, or retreat into conventional (including conventionally radical) categories. Bar On's personal questioning is fiercely passionate, radically open, widely and deeply knowledgeable: this is the work of a morally serious, courageously honest thinker. -- Elizabeth Minnich, Union Institute & University
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