Noise Reduction in Speech Applications

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April 2002



This book provides a comprehensive introduction to modern techniques for removing or reducing background noise from a range of speech-related applications. Self-contained, it provides the necessary background in a tutorial style chapter, then focuses on system aspects, digital algorithms, and implementation. The final section explores a variety of special applications and the noise reduction results achievable with the techniques presented. Noise Reduction in Speech Applications thus prepares readers to determine if digital noise reduction will solve problems in their own systems designs and how to make the best use of the technologies available.


TUTORIAL Noise and Digital Signal Processing, Stephan Weiss, Robert W. Stewart, Gillian M. Davis SYSTEM ASPECTS Analogue Techniques, Malcolm Hawksford Hardware Design Considerations, Robert S. Oshana Software Design Considerations for Real-Time DSP Systems, Elizabeth Keate Evaluating the Effects of Noise on Voice Communication Systems, William D. Voiers, Alan D. Sharpley, Ira L. Panzer DIGITAL ALGORITHMS AND IMPLEMENTATION Single Channel Speech Enhancement, Graham P. Eatwell Microphone Arrays, Stephen J. Leese Echo Cancellation, Stephen J. Leese SPECIAL APPLICATIONS Signal and Feature Compensation Methods for Robust Speech Recognition, Rita Singh, Richard M. Stern, Bhiksha Raj Model Compensation and Matched Condition Methods for Robust Speech Recognition, Rita Singh, Bhiksha Raj, Richard M. Stern Noise and Voice Quality in VoIP Environments, Dennis Hardman Noise Canceling Headsets for Speech Communication, Lars Hakansson, Sven Johansson, Mattias Dahl, Per Sjosten, Ingvar Claesson Acoustic Crosstalk Reduction in Loudspeaker-Based Virtual Audio Systems, Darren B. Ward Interference in Telephone Circuits, George Keratiotis, Larry Lind, Minesh Patel, John W. Cook, Peter Whelan An Adaptive Beamforming Perspective on Convolutive Blind Source Separation, Lucas Parra, Craig Fancourt Use of DSP Techniques to Enhance the Performance of Hearing Aids in Noise, Douglas Chabries, Victor Bray
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