Plant Breeding and Whole-System Crop Physiology

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Yield improvement is one goal of virtually every crop breeding program. Many programs concentrate on identifying the genetic traits responsible for higher yield and selecting each of them in the later stages of the breeding cycle. However, selection for yield directly is still the most
effective method, since yield is determined by a combination of traits and environmental factors. This book presents a whole-system, or holistic model for the improvement of adaptation, maturity, and yield. Central to its thesis is a recognition that competition between several components of the
plant system determines yield and other cultivar characteristics. The book examines this competition and uses the results to provide insights into plant systems in general. It then shows how to enhance the success of breeding trials by balancing different yield components while taking into account
prevailing field conditions. Based principally on 25 years research by the authors, the ideas presented in this book are invaluable reading for crop physiologists and plant breeders.


Shifts from current paradigms suggested by near-whole and whole-system research; the beginning of systems thinking about breeding for yield; biomass accumulation - the first major physiological genetic component of yield; partitioning of photosynthate - the second major physiological genetic component of yield; days to maturity - the third major physiological genetic component of yield; a model of photoperiod x temperature interaction effects on plant development; prediction of phenology by the genotype x photoperiod x temperature interaction model; interactive control over plant development by vernalization, photoperiodism and temperature; yield system analysis - an adjunct to yield trials; interplant competition and breeding for higher crop yield; system-established interconnections among plant traits and implications for plant breeding strategies; maximizing efficiency of breeding for higher crop yield; systems thinking requires multidisciplinary expertise and collaboration.


"Presenting a whole-system viewpoint for the improvement of adaptation, maturity, and yield in crops, this volume's thesis is that yield and other quantitative traits are determined by system-established changes among levels of all the components of the plant system, which itself functions at a near constant capacity dictated by the limits of the environment. Based on research conducted by the Wallace (plant breeding and biometry, emeritus, Cornell U.) and Yan (crop science, U. of Guelph, Canada), the text provides guidance to help plant breeders to maximize yield under prevailing field conditions by reaching a compromise between the levels of the system components. Suitable for professionals and advanced students in crop physiology and plant breeding."--SciTech Book News
Many scientists in today's agricultural research sector are aware of a trend toward funding reductive research projects at the expense of whole-systems research. This book carries the laudable premise that whole-system research should complement reductive research efforts toward the goal of improving agriculture. The book is divided into nine sections, including the relationship between photosynthate, partitioning and photoperiodic gene activity, the vernalization response and temperature, genotype x environment interactions, and breeding for adaption and yield. The greatest strength of this book is its suggestion that there is value to a systems perspective in crop biology. Through theoretical models and substantial field data, the authors do an excellent job persuading crop biologists to consider more realistic and holistic models in estimating important yield-related parameters in crop production." - I.L. Goldman, HortScience, Vol. 34(6), October 1999
"[A] personal assessment of the relationship between crop physiology and plant breeding and a commentary on the way in which growth and yield has been researched. Workers involved in some aspects of crop research may find [this volu
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