Naturalistic Inquiry

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April 1985



Naturalistic Inquiry provides social scientists with a basic but comprehensive rationale for non-positivistic approaches to research. It confronts the basic premise underlying the scientific tradition that all questions can be answered by employing empirical, testable, replicable research techniques. The authors maintain that there are scientific `facts' that existing paradigms cannot explain, and argue against traditional positivistic inquiry. They suggest an alternative approach supporting the use of the `naturalistic' paradigm.


Post-Positivism and the Naturalistic Paradigm
Is the Naturalistic Paradigm the Genuine Article?
Constructed Realities
The Disturbing and Disturbed Observer
The Only Generalization is
There is no Generalization
Is Causality a Viable Concept?
Is Being Value-Free Valuable?
Doing What Comes Naturally
Designing a Naturalistic Inquiry
Implementing the Naturalistic Inquiry
Establishing Trustworthiness
Processing Naturalistically-Obtained Data
Case Reporting, Member Checking, and Auditing


Yvonna S. Lincoln is Professor of Higher Education and Educational Administration at Texas A & M University. She is author, coauthor, or editor of such books as Naturalistic Inquiry and Fourth Generation Evaluation (both with Egon G. Guba), and Organizational Theory and Inquiry. Vice President of Division J (Postsecondary Education) of the American Educational Research Association, Dr. Lincoln formerly served as president of the American Evaluation Association and is the recipient of many prestigious awards. Dr. Lincoln coedited, with Dr. Denzin, the Handbook of Qualitative Research.
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