The Human Tradition in the Old South

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Mai 2003



In The Human Tradition in the Old South, Professor James C. Klotter has gathered twelve insightful essays that explore the region's past and ponder its place in the broader story of the nation. This highly readable volume presents the South's rich and varied history through the lives of a wide range of individuals-men and women, African Americans, whites, and Native Americans from many different Southern states. Written by well-established scholars these mini-biographies collectively range in time from the late colonial/early national period to the present.


Chapter 1 Introduction: The American South Chapter 2 Alvar N?Oez Cabeza de Vaca: Conquistador and Sojourner Chapter 3 Eliza Lucas Pinckney: Vegetables and Virtue Chapter 4 William McIntosh: The Evolution of a Creek National Idea Chapter 5 James O'Kelly: Father of Christian Fundamentalism in America Chapter 6 Gabriel: Artisan, Slave, and American Revolutionary Chapter 7 Mag Preston: Personal Honor in Southern Politics Chapter 8 Frederick Law Olmsted: A Connecticut Yankee in King Cotton's Court Chapter 9 George Washington Harris: The Fool from the Hills Chapter 10 Sam Houston: Unionism and the Secession Crisis in Texas Chapter 11 David Emmons Johnston: A Soldier's Life in the Confederate Army Chapter 12 Lucy Virginia French: "Out of the Bitterness of My Heart" Chapter 13 Robert Smalls: "I Stand Here the Equal of Any Man"


James C. Klotter is the State Historian of Kentucky and professor of history at Georgetown College.


These dozen readable, fascinating biographical portraits offer wonderful insights into different aspects and different eras of Southern history. They exemplify the diversity of the region and indicate how a biographical approach can bring the past alive for students by humanizing it. An immensely teachable book. -- John B. Boles, Rice University The Human Tradition in the Old South offers thoughtful new observations on some prominent figures and revealing first perspectives on others less familiar. It reminds us forcefully that while, as the sum of its human parts, 'the South' may exist as face, the generic 'Southerner' is and always has been a fiction. -- James C. Cobb, University of Georgia The Old South has always fascinated and confused those who think about American history. The biographies in this collection present an engaging and compelling collective portrait of a remarkably complicated place. -- Edward L. Ayers, dean of the College & Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, University of Virginia
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