Globalization and America Since 1945

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Juni 2003



In 1999 more than 50,000 protestors at the World Trade Organization meeting turned downtown Seattle into a war zone. Windows were smashed, stores were looted, and 500 were arrested. In 2001 a demonstration at the Group of 7 meeting in Genoa, Italy, left o


Chapter 1 Acronyms Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 The Cold War Chapter 4 Trade and the Promotion of Globalization Chapter 5 Technology Chapter 6 The United States and World Markets Chapter 7 Immigration Chapter 8 The Cultural Impact Chapter 9 The New Terrorism Chapter 10 Future Directions Chapter 11 Bibliography Chapter 12 Index


D. Clayton Brown is professor of history and department chair at Texas Christian University.


D. Clayton Brown has produced a book that is a must-read for every person interested in the nature of the international world community in which we all now live. The globalization process since 1945 has changed the world forever. There is no turning back. Brown's great contribution lies in his masterful synthesis of much of the relevant literature that reminds us of the beneifts and pitfalls of globalization and-most importantly-the imponderables of the future. -- Kenneth E. Hendrickson, Midwestern State University Professor Brown has written a first-rate survey of American economic policy after the Second World War. It will be 'must-reading' for anyone interested in the twenty-first century's global economy. -- Diane B. Kunz, author of Butter and Guns: America's Cold War Economic Diplomacy In this lucid and concise volume, D. Clayton Brown ably explains many of the international forces that have placed the United States at the center of our increasingly integrated world. A good choice for undergraduate classes. -- Oscar J. Martinez, University of Arizona This brief volume provides an excellent introduction to a defining economic trend of the last half of the 20th century. Highly recommended. CHOICE
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