China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution: Master Narratives and Post-Mao Counternarratives

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Juli 2002



Treating China's Cultural Revolution as much more than a political event, this innovative volume explores its ideological dimensions. The contributors focus especially on the CR's discourse of heroism and messianism and its demonization of the enemy as reflected in political practice, official literature, and propaganda art, arguing that these characteristics can be traced back to hitherto-neglected undercurrents of Chinese tradition. Moreover, while most studies of the Cultural Revolution are content to point to the discredited cult of heroism and messianism, this book also explores the alternative discourses that have flourished to fill the resulting vacuum. The contributors analyze the intense intellectual and artistic ferment in post-Mao China that embody resistance to CR ideology, as well as the urgent quest for authentic individuality, new forms of social cohesion, and historical truth.


Introduction Part I: Master Narratives
Chapter 1: Rethinking China's Cultural Revolution amid Reform
Chapter 2: China's Inner Demons: The Political Impact of the Demonological Paradigm
Chapter 3: From Harmony to Struggle, from Perpetual Peace to Cultural Revolution: Changing Futures in Mao Zedong's Thought
Chapter 4: Red and Expert: China's "Foreign Friends" in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 1966-1969
Chapter 5: The Deification of Mao: Religious Imagery and Practices during the Cultural Revolution and Beyond
Chapter 6: The Ideal Socialist Hero: Literary Conventions in Cultural Revolution Novels Part II: Post-Mao Counternarratives
Chapter 7: Philosophy in an Age of Crisis. Three Thinkers in Post-Cultural Revolution China: Li Zehou, Liu Xiaobo, and Liu Xiaofeng
Chapter 8: Resisting Current Stereotypes: Private Narrative Strategies in the Autobiographies of Former Rusticated Women
Chapter 9: China's Generation X: Rusticated Red Guards in Controversial Contemporary Plays
Chapter 10: The Cultural Revolution in Feng Jicai's Fiction


Woei Lien Chong is lecturer and researcher in contemporary Chinese philosophy, Sinological Institute, Leiden University, the Netherlands.


A very professional collection of essays. Standards of scholarship are high, and the essays are often provocative and informative...Many readers would benefit from its careful assessments, especially as the Western propaganda media too often simplify the Cultural Revolution as a cartoon of mob rule in which members of the Red Guard generation apparently spent an entire decade doing nothing but worshipping Mao and beating their teachers to death. The China Journal China's Great Proletarian Revolution derives a little bit of extra fragrance from excellent bibliographies, a glossary of Chinese terms and a combined index at the end. Pacific Affairs
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