Historical Dictionary of Arab and Islamic Organizations

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Unity is an often-heard word in Arab and Islamic circles. This historical dictionary seeks to show that along with the underlying sources of unity, there are also sources of division in these groups.


Frank A. Clements has worked as a consultant in Arab nations and has written several books on Arab affairs, including titles about nationalism, Arab regional organizations, and the Israeli Secret Services.


Recommended for all reference collections. CHOICE Clements's descriptions are informative and objective...an excellent source for information on various Arab movements, organizations, and countries. Jewish Herald-Voice Accessible, up-to-date, and highly readable, this dictionary provides much-needed coverage in the neglected area of international and regional Arab and Islamic organizations, whether regional or international. Both specialists and nonspecialists alike will find this dictionary valuable for years to come; recommended for public and academic libraries. Library Journal Clements (College of St. Mark and St. John, Plymouth, England) has been writing about Islam and the Middle East since the 1970s, and here provides a reference to organizations. In addition to the organizations themselves, he included entries on their leaders, whether kings or emirs, politicians, ideologues, or activists; and on underlying forces generating deeper unity. A chronology, introduction, and bibliography...support the dictionary. Reference and Research Book News
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