Rage on the Right: The American Militia Movement from Ruby Ridge to Homeland Security

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The image of the militia as ordinary people coming together in times of crisis to help their fellow citizens is deeply embedded in American society and culture. Recent claimants to the militia title have adopted this image even as they have promoted a radically anti-government, populist conservative political agenda. Author Lane Crothers uses social movement theory to explore militia activity and ideology throughout the last decade, illuminating why militia members are enraged by U.S. governmental policies and why their rage is unlikely to coalesce into a large political movement.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Approaching the Miltia Movement Chapter 2 Fuel: The Cultural Foundations of the Militia Movement Chapter 3 Heat: The Myth of the Militia in the American Revolution Chapter 4 Friction: Militia Ideology and the Rationalization of Rage Chapter 5 The Spark: Randy Weaver and the Standoff at Ruby Ridge Chapter 6 The Fire: David Koresh, The Branch Davidians, and the Fire at Waco, TX Chapter 7 The Inferno: Timothy McVeigh and the Bombing in Oklahoma City Chapter 8 Embers: The Decline of the Militia Movement Chapter 9 Epilogue: The Movement and Homeland Security


Lane Crothers is associate professor of politics and goverment at Illinois State University.


Crothers' analysis of the contemporary militia movement-as representing extreme versions of certain quintessentially American myths and values-is the best currently available. -- Charles Lockhart, Texas Christian University This explanation of the armed militias is critical while not demonizing, and scholarly while remaining readable. -- Chip Berlet, Senior Analyst, Political Research Associates and co-author ofRight-Wing Populism in America Readers will appreciate the succinctness and logic of Crothers's argument. Recommended. CHOICE Rage on the Right is well written and would be suitable for an undergraduate course. Academics will find it useful if they are interested in an analysis of the ideology of the movement. Mobilization Lane Crothers's balanced and thoughtful study of the modern militia movement goes beyond usual journalistic accounts of this important phenomenon to explore its political, cultural, and social roots. Clearly written, carefully documented, and engagingly presented, Crothers's case studies of such climactic events as the Ruby Ridge standoff, the Waco siege, and Timothy McVeigh's terrorism, engage and inform the reader. This book will be an excellent resource for students and scholars alike. -- Robert J. Spitzer, author of The Politics of Gun Control
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