Caroline Cooney: Faith and Fiction

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September 2001



Cooney's large body of work for adolescents defies easy classification. The influences of her talents as an organist who played regularly for her church, the lessons she has learned from her children when they were teenagers, and life experiences that have led her to consider issues of race and gender, are examples of issues that are discussed.


Chapter 1 1 "I Love Books": The Life and Art of Caroline B. Cooney Chapter 2 2 "I Remember": The Janie Mysteries Chapter 3 3 "Face the Music": Love, Action, and Adventure Romances Chapter 4 4 "I Was Brave Enough": Catastrophe Novels Chapter 5 5 "I'm Waiting for You": Horror and Suspense Novels Chapter 6 6 "Wish I Had Been There": Time-Travel Novels Chapter 7 7 "Mercy Knew the Lord": Ambiguities in Faith and In Family Relationships in The Ransom of Mercy Carter Chapter 8 Bibliography Chapter 9 Index Chapter 10 About the Author


Pamela S. Carroll is Associate Professor and Coordinator of English Education, at Florida State University.


Thorough, scholarly, and balanced...will prepare young adults for identifying patterns in more complicated works. This book is a great source for composing booktalks, a helpful teaching tool for language arts teachers, and a strong addition to any young adult reference shelf. VOYA
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